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Schedule and Workshop Supply Lists


















Greybull Recreation Center  

527 1st Ave. South Greybull, WY 82426

(3 Workshops, Show, and Quick Draw held here)

Basin City Arts Center(BCAC)

117 S. 4th Street Basin, WY 82410

(Sip&Paint Fundraiser, Luncheon and Banquet held here)

Greybull Presbyterian Church

433 1st Ave South Greybull, WY 82416

(1 workshop held here, it is right next to the Rec Center)


Thursday, April 30: 6p Sip&Paint Fundraiser  @the Basin City Arts Center

                                          Van Gogh’s “A Starry Night Over Devil’s Tower”


Friday, May 1: 1p-5p Registration and painting check in @the Greybull Rec Center

                             1p-5p Workshop Instructors set up classrooms

                             6p-7p Artists set up for quick draw @the Greybull Rec Center

                             7p-8p Quick Draw

                             8p-8:15p Sign, matte and frame artwork

                             8:30p Auction of artwork


Saturday, May 2nd: 8a-11:30a Workshops @Greybull Rec Center & Presbyterian Church

                                                Mike Kopriva - Acrylics 8a-11:30a & 1:30-5p

                                                M.C. Poulsen - Oils 8a-11:30a & 1:30-5p

                                                Lisa Kunkel - Photography 8a-11:30a & 1:30-5p

                                                Julie Oriet - Pastels 9a-11:30a & 1:30-5p

                                      9a-1p Art show open to the public @the Greybull Rec Center

                                      12p-1p Lunch/WAA business meeting @the Basin City Arts Center

                                      1:30p-5p Workshops resume

                                      11:30p-1:30p Art show judged, show closed for judging

                                      2p-5p Art show open to the public

                                      6p-7p Social hour, costume parade, cash bar @ the BCAC

                                      7p-? Banquet, Grand Wyoming Artist announcement and           

                                              entertainment @the BCAC

Sunday, May 3rd: 8a-12p Workshops resume@Greybull Rec Center & Presbyterian Church

                                  12 NOON Pick up your Congressional show artwork, and pick

                                                        up your art show entries @the Greybull Rec Center





Welcome to my workshop! This is a suggested supply list- please keep in mind, bring what you have but it is important to have quality supplies. You will have better success and more fun. I will be showing you a variety of methods and styles which you can apply to your paintings. We will be working hard but having great fun too.


Please bring any sketches, your own photos and ideas you want to work on


Suggested papers: 

(I use sanded papers)                

Art Spectrum                                           


La Carte


Pastels: a variety of hard, medium, soft:

Art Spectrum 



La Carte


Windsor/ Newton 

Etc. I usually buy what’s on sale


Barrier Hand Cream....eg. Gloves in a Bottle 

Cactus Cream

Mineral spirits...odorless


Misc......old stiff paintbrush, paper towels or a towel, drawing paper, pencils, artist tape, your easel and a board or foam core to put your paper on


Most art supply catalogs will carry these supplies:

Dakota Pastel, Dick Blick, Jerry’s Artarama, etc.

They cost a bit more but are worth it, share costs with a friend!


You don’t have to have all of these, but bring at least several sheets or a tablet of good sanded paper, a variety of pastels and the misc. supplies…AND bring your reference material and be ready to have fun!


I look forward to meeting you....let’s get our hands dirty!  









Workshop Materials : Outdoors and Indoors





Linseed oil 

Garbage bag 

Paper towels 

Retouch stray 


Board and tape 

Photo of subject or landscape you wish to paint

Small portable stool (your choice) 

Cotton paper (resume paper ivory or white - 24 lb or linen paper for report covers - 65 lb. ivory or white. I use both depending on what I am doing.)


Outdoors Materials:

ground cloth ( for indoors) 

Insect repellant 

Umbrella or tarp


I do all my study's on linen paper which I tape to a board. I sketch my image onto paper and try to finish in one sitting. Details added later.  


If you choose a canvas an 18 x 24 or 16 x 20 should be ok, depending on what your subject format is. Choose what you want to paint on. We will do a study on paper anyway for educational purposes. 


I paint on canvas and prepared gesso boards and paper.  


Bring something you are working on if you are struggling with it or want to have help with it.  


I look forward to meeting everyone and working to make this a fun event for everyone.






Gesso primed panel or canvas: 

at least 12"x 16" in size, 16"x 20" or 14"x18" are fine for the class.


Acrylic or oil colors:

Titanium white

Cadmium yellow

Cadmium red medium or light

Alizarin crimson

Dioxazine purple

Ultramarine blue                                               

Cobalt blue

Pthalo blue

Hookers green or sap green

Yellow oxide

Burnt sienna 

Burnt umber

Mars black



Medium sized flat  

Small round   

French Fan brushes are useful



polymer gloss medium for acrylics oil medium like liquin for oils


Other Items:

Painting rag 


water or turpentine container





Photography workshop with Lisa Kunkel. Three sessions over two days, a total of 11 hours of instruction, at the Wyoming Artist Association’s Spring Convention in Greybull. This workshop is for both amateurs and professionals. If you have an interest in photography and want to learn how to use your camera better, this class is for you. Have you shied away from nurturing your eye? Brush up your skills with this class. If you are a working professional, you can still join this class and be challenged with the workshop photo assignments.


What to expect:

Morning session -- Day 1

Review of photography basics ** composition, golden rule, depth of field, etc.

Learning the art of creative storytelling through photography

Interpreting light

Visual self-expression

Incorporating art theory into images

Ethics in photography

One-on-one session with Lisa (time depends on class size)

* *Advanced students who do not need the review of photography basics will be given

photo assignments and will have the choice of going on a downtown photo walk.


Afternoon session -- Day 1

Photo field-trip to a 20-acre property in the Shell Valley (10-minute drive from the Rec Center)

Let’s go on a photo walk!

Hands-on instruction outdoors

The focus will be photographing the Big Horn Mountain Range with clear shots of the

iconic “W” and Shell Canyon. Other classic western photo opportunities will include;

chickens & roosters, sweeping dirt roads with wooden fences, pastures, outbuildings,

access to BLM land with sagebrush and cactus.


You will also get to visit the Kunkel Frame & Photo home-office and see the Canon Pro-Graf 4000 large-format printer. Hands-on learning WITH DEMONSTRATION on printing your own photos. Discussions will include paper types, mediums, etc. If a student is able to transmit an image to Lisa on Saturday evening, the student will receive one large-format print of their favorite image from the Saturday field trip, delivered at the morning session Sunday.


Additional field-trip details: 

Transportation will be on your own (carpooling encouraged.) Bring a

good pair of shoes/boots for hiking/walking as there is a hilly terrain.

Dress for Spring weather and bring a water bottle.



Morning session -- Day 2

The class will wrap-up with learning what to do with your images:





In-app editing

Creating notecards and other products


The class will conclude with a slideshow of the student’s best images from the weekend along with Lisa’s professional critique with applicable tips to take your photography to the next level.


One-on-one wrap-up session with Lisa (time depends on class size)

Expect photo assignments during the weekend workshop, BRING YOUR CAMERA. All types and models are welcome including: smartphones, tablets, point and shoot, dSLR.) Students are encouraged to bring a smartphone and/or laptop to be ready and able to transmit images to the instructor. Wifi is available at no charge in the Rec Center.

Supply checklist (feel free to email or call Lisa with any questions).


● Camera

● Wide-angle lens

● Macro lens

● Telephoto lens (This one is IMPORTANT as it will be ideal for photographing the mountains.

Students are encouraged to borrow or rent a telephoto lens if they do not own one.)

● Extra battery and charger

● Extra memory card (or be sure to have space available on your device)

● Laptop & accessories


-Hard Return