Conference has been cancelled until next year. Location will be in Lander, Wyomiong for the 2021 Convention.


Hello and greetings everyone. It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to cancel the 2020 Convention. This entire year so far has been somewhat unorthodox and strange. First let me say this was not an easy decision to make. I sought feedback from past presidents and current members. There also have not been many registrations sent in as I feel people are hesitant to travel and expose themselves. I feel that reason is primarily because the WAA is a group of older people. My second reasoning is that as more tests have become available and more people are being tested for COVID-19 cases have gone up. Thankfully at least hospitalizations and deaths are down and people are recovering. But this virus does attack much older people and that is my reason number three. In the US elderly people accounted for 41% of the COVID deaths. Yes, that was mostly in nursing homes. I feel that if the WAA gathers, a large group of ages 65+ could potentially be put at risk and I would like to avoid any older members from getting sick. There are also financial reasons. So far, registered attendees is only at 17 people and just a few more for memberships only. The Association took a financial hit last year and I do not want to add another blow. There are only about 2-3 people signed up for workshops and that is not enough to cover the expense of the instructors. In Greybull and Basin businesses have been hit hard. We lost three restaurants and some continue to struggle. I do not have the heart to ask for donations for the raffle. Yes, it would be good advertisement for them, but giving away items in baskets may not be feasible for businesses who have to close for several days every time an employee tests positive for COVID. With people being out of work and many on unemployment there is a high probability that quick draw sales with be very low and art sales from the show will be nothing. I will hand over everything to Rosie Ratigan for the 2021 convention in Lander. I will put together a treasurer’s report for the 2019 convention as one was never done and needs to be on record. For 2020 I will also put together my treasurer’s report for what little I spent on newsletters and advertising. I know this is a first I 65 years of this organization, but this year has not been typical. I want to preserve the safety of the members and fiscally preserve the current budget of the WAA. It has been a pleasure working on the Conference, and a struggle at the same time. I want to thank everyone for your patience as we cancelled and rescheduled and attempted to wade through these murky waters.

For everyone that only sent membership fees I will deposit those checks. For everyone else who sent in registrations for art, meals, and memberships I will send your checks back and please feel free to mail a new check for 2020 memberships. Membership fee is still currently $25.

I will continue to manage the Facebook page and the WAA website. Everything will be updated for the 2021 convention and all forms on the website will be edited.

We look forward to a successful 2021 convention and hopefully a better year coming.






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